where is great britain situated

Where is situated

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1. Where is Great Britain situated? - Great Britain (the official name is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is situated on two large islands, the larger of which is Great Britain, the smaller is Ireland. In the north-west and west the country is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea. The island of Great Britain is separated from France by the English Channel.

3. What is the official name of the state? - The official name of the state is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

5. Does the climate depend on the geographical position of the country? - Yes, it does. The climate depends on the geographical position of the country. Due to the moderating influence of the sea Great Britain has an insular climate, rather humid and mild, without striking discrepancy between seasons.

6. What rivers do you know in Great Britain? - The most important rivers are the Thames (the deepest) and the Severn (the longest). The Avon is a tributary of the Severn. I also know such small rivers as the Trent, the Tyne, and the Wear.

7. What big industrial centres in Great Britain do you know?- Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham are the biggest industrial centres in Great Britain.
Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland; it is a centre of a major industrial region, formerly an important port.
Manchester is a commercial, industrial, and cultural centre; formerly the centre of the cotton and textile trades. It is situated in north-west England.
Birmingham is an industrial city in central England, in the West Midlands: the second largest city in Great Britain.

8. What are leading industries in Great Britain? - The leading industries are machine-building, ship-building, metallurgy and electronics. Light engineering, hosiery, and footwear industries are also well developed fields of British industry.

9. How many political parties are there in the UK? - There are two main political parties in Great Britain: the Conservative party (консервативная партия, партия консерваторов) and the Labour party (лейбористская партия) .
In the 17th century there was the Tory party which was reorganized into the Conservative party in the 19th century. So Tory remained the label for subsequent major conservative interests until they gave birth to the Conservative Party in the 1830s. Since then a member or supporter of the Conservative Party has been called Tory.

The Labour Party was formed in 1900 as an amalgam (combination) of various trade unions and socialist groups, generally supporting the interests of organized labour and advocating democratic socialism and social equality. First it was named the Labour Representation Committee. Since 1906 it has borne the name of the Labour party.

10. What is Great Britain famous for? - Great Britain is famous for the Westminster Abbey (a Gothic church in London; scene of the coronations of almost all English monarchs since William I), the Big Ben (the bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament), the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral (the finest Renaissance church in Europe), in other words, Great Britain is famous for the sights of London. In addition Great Britain is famous for its political traditions, which are so numerous that all of them could hardly be enumerated. Horse Guards Parade and the ceremony of crowning a monarch in the Westminster Abbey are the most impressive. Woolsack is another tradition traced back to the 14th century. Lord Chancellor, the Speaker of the House of Lords sits on the "woolsack", a red cushion flocked with sheep wool. The custom has been kept since the time when wool was the main article of England's export. Also Great Britain is famous for its rainy climate. England is said to be the country of snobs. Englishmen are believed to behave condescendingly to other people.

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1) It is just 1,000 kilometres from the south coast to the far north and just under 500 kilometres in the widest part. No place in Great Britain is more than 120 kilometres from the sea.

2)GB consists of Nothern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

3)The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

4) GB is washed by the Norht Sea, Irish Sea and The Atlantic Ocean.

5)The climate of Britain is mild and warm because of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. The winter is not very cold and the summer is not very hot.

6)Parrett,Tone,the Thames,the Trent, the Tay and the Tweed,the Severn.

7) The most important industrial cities are Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham and others

8)Domestic fish production provides about 55% of Great Britain's needs. Great Britain's major industries include iron and steel engineering, textiles

9) since the 1920s, the two largest political parties have been the Conservative Party and the Labour Party

10 The monarchy, the royal family

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