новый перевод на английский

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Нужен точный перевод с русского на английский и получил лучший ответ

Ответ от Lo Zerilla[гуру]
И главное - бесплатно!

Ответ от Дмитрий Приходько[гуру]
ага, щас. разбежался.давай сам домашку делай.

Ответ от Лютый[гуру]
Черновой переводMy favorite holiday is New Year. This holiday is celebrated on the night of 31 December to 1 January. We gather together as a family, decorate the Christmas tree and prepare a festive table on this wonderful holiday . We decorate the Christmas tree with various toys, sweets and garland. We have an artificial Christmas tree. We chose it with the whole family. A new toy is set on the tree each year. Garland shines with beautiful colored lights. The female part of my family are preparing a meal on the table. At this time, the men are decorating the house. Usually there are salads of different varieties and chicken roasted in the oven on the table. First, we bid farewell to the Old New Year, and after we greet the New Year. After the strikes has chimed, everyone gives each other gifts. The celebration doesn't cease till morning. Each New Year is unique. In the morning we visited our distant relatives with congratulations . New Year is my favorite holiday.

Ответ от Јамиль[гуру]
Написано сухим канцелярским языком. Одна только фраза "женская часть семьи" чего стоит!

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