глаголы с предлогами в английском языке таблица

Глаголы с предлогами

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Использование предлогов с глаголами в английском и получил лучший ответ

Ответ от Ѝлла Кацнельбоген[гуру]
Общего правила, разумеется, нет. Есть понятие "phrasal verbs" - фразовые глаголы. Они представляют собой сочетание глагола (verb) и предлога (preposition). Отличительной чертой фразовых глаголов английского языка является тот факт, что, в сочетании с определенным предлогом, глагол получает совершенно иное значение, отличное от основного. Поэтому изучение фразовых глаголов английского языка вызывает некоторые трудности, так как приходится запоминать эти глаголы вместе с предлогами и их новое значение. Go – идти, go on – продолжать, Look – смотреть, look for – искать, Come – приходить, come back – возвращаться, Take – брать, take out – вынимать, take in – впустить, приютить, take up – приобретать, принимать (форму, вид, свойство)
Вот список самых употребляемых глаголов с предлогами:
accustomed to ...-I'm accustomed to hot weather.
afraid of ...-The girl is afraid of the dog.
aim at ...-He aimed at the bird.
angry with, at ...-She was angry with him and at the weather.
arrive at, in ...-He arrived at the village (in London).
ashamed of ...-He is now ashamed of his conduct.
believe in ...-Christians believe in Jusus Christ.
benifit by ...-She has benefited by the change.
boast of ...-He boasted of (about) his riches.
careful of ...-He is very careful of his health.
come/go by ...-He came by bus (in a bus) (on foot).
complain of ...-They complain of the heat.
composed of ...-Our class is composed of 30 pupils.
conform to ...-We must conform to the rules.
congratulate on ...-I congratulate you on success.
consist of ...-A year consists of 12 months.
cure of ...-He was cured of his illness.
depend on ...-It depends on (upon) himself.
deprive of ...-He was deprived of his freedom.
die of ...-Many people died of hunger (malaria).
different from ...-My book is different from yours.
doubt of/about ...-I have no doubt of his ability.
dressed in ...-The woman was dressed in black.
fail in ...-He failed in maths.
full of ...-The bottle was full of oil.
look forward to ...-I look forward to his letter.
look after ...-You should look after the baby.
look up to ...-Who do you look up to? (= respect)
get rid of ...-I'll be glad to get rid of him.
glad of ...-I'm glad of (about) the news.
good at ...-He is good at music.
guard against ...-You must guard against bad habits.
guilty of ...-He was found guilty of murder.
independent of ...-He is independent of his parents.
indifferent to ...-They are indifferent to politics.
insist on ...-He insisted on his opinion.
interested in ...-She is not interested in her work.
jealous of ...-He is very jealous of his brother.
play for ...-He plays for that team.
look at ...-Look at the picture!
married to ...-She was married to a rich man.
pleased with ...-The teacher is pleased with me.
prefer to ...-I prefer coffee to tea.
proud of ...-He is proud of his achievments.
related to ...-Are you related to him in any way?
repent of ...-He repented of his wrongdoing.
satisfied with ...-Are you satisfied with your marks?
similar to ...-Your book is not similar to mine.
succeed in ...-I hope he will succeed in his work.
superior to ...-This is superior to that.
sure of ...-I'm sure of his honesty.
surprised at ...-We were surprised at his failure.
suspect of ...-I suspect him of stealing the pen.
tired with/of ...-I'm tired with writing (of sweets).
translate into ...-Translate this text into English (from Russian).
warn of ...-They were warned of the danger.
write in ...-It's written in pencil. I write with a pencil.
А остальное - дело времени и практики) )

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